Welcome Bloodites, to the BLOOD LINE the intellectual successor of PlanetBlood.
This page is dedicated to Monoliths legendary shooter BLOOD .


Updates and Mappack
Unfortunately, this message comes later than expected because the server relocation took longer than assumed . We are now hosted by the Strato AG . In addition, the site is now accessible via the domain blood-monolith.com

BME has released the Blood Mappack 2015


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Comments for Updates and Mappack
# 4 von BME
Only 6 weeks after the release there have already been gathered 8 new maps for the upcoming map pack. We probably can expect a lot more maps especially in episodes.

# 3 von Sir Seizhak
Ok :D.

# 2 von L3GEND
No not really . The last host denied me important functions, such as the creation of guest FTP accounts . In addition, the page speed was not really good. The current provider is significantly faster .

# 1 von Sir Seizhak
So it was a server change. Did you have problems with the previous one?

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