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4 New Maps
Der Turm, Long Lost Manse, Glitterland and Ghost House:

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Comments for 4 New Maps
# 6 von BME
That sounds very promising indeed, and it's not only just 1 author but another one as well so that means we can expect 16 more maps with hopefully also a couple of SP ones.

# 5 von Sir Seizhak
BME, I read that from here: http://www.arcades3d.net/forosmf/in...php?topic=18067.msg258739#msg258739

'He sido una persona muy aburrida desde que completé mi proyecto FM3X, pero no crean que he estado inactivo. Me fui ahora al Shadow Warrior y Blood, porque quise tratar de hacer nuevos mapas para estos dos juegos que forman parte importante de BUILD.
¿Y que resultó? 8 mapas para SW y 10 para Blood.
Y esta vez, en vez de publicar al tun tun todos a la vez, haré una publicación de cada uno de mis mapas semanalmente. La idea es poder disfrutar cada mapa plenamente a medida que salen en vez de tirarlos todos al lote.'

'I?ve been very bored since I completed my FM3X Project, but I haven?t been inactive, trust me. Now I?m mapping for Shadow Warrior and Blood, because I wanted to create new maps for both games.
And the results? 8 maps for SW and 10 for Blood.
And this time I?ll upload every map one by one every week, instead releasing all maps at once. Idea is to enjoy every map instead upload all maps'.

# 4 von BME
Yep, the second one is pretty good.

It seems Sir S was right; new maps once again!

# 3 von L3GEND
I have not played it .. only bloodbath maps ?

# 2 von BME
The 2 authors seem to be friends but where have you read there will be 1 upload each week?

# 1 von Sir Seizhak
Author will upload 1 map per week until 10.

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