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New high-resolution pack for BloodCM released
Flankerus has released a new new high-resolution pack for BloodCM . The project is still in alpha status .

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Comments for New high-resolution pack for BloodCM released
# 6 von TheNight
I'm not a big fan of hires textures either.

# 5 von BME
There's also this:

# 4 von Sir Seizhak
I don't like it. Looks not very natural.

# 3 von BME
I also haven't played it, just looking at the screen shot.

# 2 von L3GEND
Unfortunately, I could not test it . Eduke32 crashes, when I run BloodCM with the HRP ...

# 1 von BME
It's kinda looking too plastic as a whole, it doesn't make the game better.
Upscaling textures isn't working much when the architecture is still the old one.

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