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Blood in FPS ? First Person Shooter
The movie FPS ? First Person Shooter has recently been published on Blu-ray and DVD . A movie, which is based on Blood, Duke Nukem, Quake and DooM .

It's a production from the German director Andreas Tom . Despite the low budget, they involved "Stephan Weyte", the Blood Voice Talent , in this project . Stephan Weyte helped to develop new one-liners and also song fragments .
Apart from that, the whole film is full of references to Blood .

The story is very simple , the protagonist or antagonist want to rescue his girlfriend from a zombie infected hospital . Nothing special, but the story is not really important . But another question, is the movie good ? Well, I was very skeptical , I have expected a very boring movie . But far from it,it is exciting, atmospheric, and creative . Unfortunately, one notices that the movie had a low Budegt .Shootings dont look good and real weapon effects are not present .

Nevertheless, there has been no lack of creativity . For each Bloodite a recommendation .

Are you gonna just stand there and bleed ?

This Is My Boomstick

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Comments for Blood in FPS ? First Person Shooter
# 10 von BME
There's also another FPS movie with Sharlto Copley called "Hardcore".
The acting is kinda goofy just as in games ;)

# 9 von L3GEND
That was my first thought . It is not a game in the sense , it's a movie with game elements .

# 8 von BME
I don't think I will like the movie that much. I mean why would I basically want to see somebody else 'play' me in the movie as it were. A game based on a movie is understandable since you can interact with that what was in the movie. A movie based on a game makes it a completely passive experience.

# 7 von L3GEND
Me too :)

# 6 von BME
I would be really surprised if that would gonna happen :)

# 5 von L3GEND
If we can have the clear voice samples from them :)

# 4 von BME
You mean,
- ask if you can have the clear voice samples from them
- or the permission to rip them from the movie to use in the game?

# 3 von TheNight
L3GEND: +1

# 2 von L3GEND
I have written a message to the producer , with the question if we can have all the one-liners :)

# 1 von BME
Hopefully some one liners in the movie are without background music/noise so they can be sampled and used in Blood.

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