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Build ART Files Editor (1.11)
- Easy import of BMP and PNG files, will be converted to the selected palette automatically.
- 3 Preset Palettes; Duke3D, Blood and Shadow Warrior.
- Tiles can be resized, offset, batch imported and deleted.

and much more.....


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Comments for Build ART Files Editor (1.11)
# 5 von BME
An internal Re-color option would also be pretty handy.
For example; a batch-import of a couple of Duke tiles and then re-coloring to the Blood palette.

Hopefully in the next update we might see something like this :)

# 4 von TheNight
Very nice!
I'm gonna test it asap ,)

# 3 von BME
Depends on your definition, I see it like this:

- A mapper is just using mapedit.
- A modder is using more than just mapedit.

So if one would use this application it would make one a modder per definition.

Just try it and see what you can do with it.

# 2 von Krypto
So what types of things can you do overall and who should use this, mainly modders not mappers?

# 1 von L3GEND
Cool thing very useful.

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