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Blood Making Of : Retro Gamer Issue 136
I found a Blood review in "Retro Gamer Magazine" Issue 136 (2014) .
The issue can be orderd here :


"We had some pretty advanced technology in Blood that wasn´t in the other Build games"

click the images to go to the high-resolution scans

more scans are available in our forums

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Comments for Blood Making Of : Retro Gamer Issue 136
# 10 von Sir Seizhak
Thanks, Legend :D

# 9 von L3GEND
I live in the west.

@Sir Seizhak
The article is relatively recent and is protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
I have no rights to offer the article for download. However, it is allowed to "show" excerpts. And in Germany, they like to send copyright strikes . But unofficially you have a new message ;)

No thing, I've also ordered a physical copy.
I meant the other new scans in the topic "new scans" :D

# 8 von BME
L3gend: Which part of Germany did you emigrated to, western or eastern?

# 7 von Krypto
Those scans aren't available in the forums yet, nope can't find them.

Thanks for actually linking to the magazine, issue number and even site where you can order a copy, I actually did! xD

# 6 von Sir Seizhak
A good piece of Blood history.

Those images are aviable for download?

# 5 von L3GEND
I live in Germany, but my family emigrated from Poland in 1980. So I'm German and Polish and speak both languages.

Thanks BME :)

# 4 von Krypto
Ah I was under the assumption you were German for some reason L3GEND :o

Nice to see you comment here BME.

# 3 von BME
When it comes to looks and navigation it's one of the best Blood sites right now.
Personally I rather see more map projects instead of articles but that's just me.

# 2 von L3GEND
Thanks for the great compliment :) The article is very interesting. My first language is Polish but I never thought that Tchernobog could be derived from
"czarny bóg". Have never thought about it. The Polish sentence is spoken "Tscharnebog".

# 1 von Krypto
It's official, this site is turning out to be better than Posty in terms of content.

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