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Saturday 28. 03. 2015
Blood-Evolution a new remake !
from L3GEND

"Well as you can see blood evolution is a remake of the original blood game from monolith released back in 1997 . For those of you who remember it, awesome! for those of you who don't, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the game and experience something totally new and refreshing."

"I have about 14 years experience with game development and have worked with companies like Interceptor-Entertainment on titles like Duke Nukem Reloaded and Rise Of The Triad. So I've made a lot of contacts in the industry therefore able to get help where I need it.I will release a full working game with working game-play systems and sounds ect. all this will include a remake or re-envisioning of the first level of the original and include Multi-player and Co-op. After that, The first episode, and if that goes well the next 2 episodes."So far the game consists of about 200 textures all with normals, specular and a bunch of models.


Saturday 10. 01. 2015
Cryptic Passage - hires scann
from L3GEND

A new hires scan of an cryptic passage-add is now aviable. Thank to macwiczech who scann it.


Friday 19. 12. 2014
BuildSharp update #12
from BME

Here's another cool video from Cosmo explaining stuff about his project.

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Sunday 30. 11. 2014
The Lost Episode released,eight maps from the alpha
from L3GEND

"This Episode is made up of eight maps taken straight from the leaked alpha. There are minor changes in aesthetics in a few of the maps however I made sure to keep all maps as close to the original authors intentions and art direction as possible. Story, how to install and commentary are provided in an accompanying readme.... I hope you enjoy."



kingmaz- thread@ThePostmortem.


Friday 28. 11. 2014
Gggmanlives - Deathwish Mod for Blood
from L3GEND

Death Wish is a modification developed by Dustin "Bloatoid" Twilley that adds an additional three episodes and over thirty new levels to Blood. The project was started in January of 2010 with the aim of it being completed by the years end. Development later expanded into 2011, with it finally being released on October 31, 2011.

The mod is distributed as a plain Zip archive file that simply holds a folder with all the files, with the user only needing to extract the files into their Blood directory. The author wanted it to be as easy as possible, especially since he was not trying to add any new textures or replace any sounds.

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